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We give great attention to the quality, long lifespan and the environmental impact of Ludic garments. That's why we encourage you to treat your garments with special care, so that you can elongate the lifespan of your pieces. This way, once your kids grow out of them, you can upcycle them or pay it forward by giving them to family, friends or charity.

The care label on each Ludic item will give you the suitable care instruction for a specific item, so we recommend that you always check it.


Here is our general advice on caring for Ludic clothes:


  • Refresh items in the open air as often as possible and wash only when they are dirty.

  • Remove small stains with stain soap

  • Wash at low temperatures, preferably 30 degrees celsius, to save energy and protect the colors

  • Wash separately from items that have zippers and velcro, or other accessories that can damage the delicate knit fabric

  • Don't use fabric softener

  • Set your washing machine on low spin speeds (800 rotations or less)

  • Do not tumble dry, air dry instead, and during summer time, if you can, line dry the garments outdoors. Keep in mind that exposure to direct sun might fade the colors of your item

  • Iron only if necessary and always iron on the back. You can replace ironing by straightening the garments very well at the seams, and put them on hangers to dry, or dry flat

  • Store your pieces folded. Hanging them might stretch the knitted fiber




  • To keep the fabric properties, make it a habit to air your garments instead of washing them too often.

  • Wash your merino items by hand, in cold or lukewarm water

  • Use only liquid detergent made specially for wool & silk

  • Don't twist and wring the items, dry them flat and use a towel under them, to absorb water

  • The wool fabric tends to naturally pill. We recommend that you make it a habit to remove the pills after washing, unless you want a unique piece :)

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